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Web Tools

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationWe can develop a program to help your web site get the most out of the search engines and do it right. CWC uses long term strategies that will keep you on top for years to come and without putting your web site on the black list. If your company does not find it effective to spend the thousands of dollars a year that it costs to have intensive search engine optimization performed, CWC provides a lower cost effective alternative for doing a cost effective low end optimization of the front page of your web site to hit the sweet spot of the major search engines and guarantee web site traffic.

Paid Search Engine Inclusion

Paid Search Engine InclusionCWC can work with the client to set up and/or manage paid search engine inclusion programs like those on and These programs allow for you to target traffic to your web site and can be set up maintained within small and large advertising budgets.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingNo we are not talking about SPAM here! An effective email marketing program uses opt in lists, allows convenient opt out, and provides your client with content of real value. CWC will work with you to design an effective email marketing program that will help you to prospect new clients or keep the interest of existing ones.

Shopping Cart

Shopping CartWe develop shopping cart programs by customizing a basic open UNIX based open source program in an approach that saves development time to keep development and programming costs down. The web site and database can be easily transported to any UNIX based hosting environment with PHP and MySQL support.

Email Stationary

Email StationaryGetting your logo and company name out in front of clients wherever possible is important for branding your company. Email stationary is a great tool for supporting your brand and driving more traffic to your web site.

Site Maintenance

Site MaintenanceWant to have the ability to maintain content in your web site yourself? CWC has several stock tools which can be used to allow you to maintain your own web site.

Pod Casting

Pod CastingFor a modest fee, we can record a short professional interview and create a online MP3 file that we can link your web site too.

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