Why You Need a Mobile Version of Your Web Site

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There is a silent revolution going on. Overnight handheld devices have replaced desktops and laptops as the device that most web site look up are being performed from. The computer is now integrated into real life. This is where the decisions get made. 70% of mobile search are acted upon within 1 hour (Source: Mobile Marketer). If you do not believe that you need a mobile version of your web site, look it up on your hand held device. Can you read it? “But”, you say, “they can enlarge it”…forget it, they are gone.

Bounce rate (the amount of web site visitors that leave your site within 5 seconds) is a major metric affecting your search rankings. Losing mobile visitors is going to affect your search rankings and ultimately will reduce your overall web site visits.

We now live in a brave new world of the hand held device… The time to act is now!

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